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Metal Polish

Metal Polish

For the finishing of metal products, Almatis supplies a broad portfolio with unique performance in the 3 -17m²/g surface area range. Almatis will customize optimum individual solutions for cutting, as well as for polishing and brightening.

With a range of production techniques, Almatis can tailor the particle size distribution to each customer’s requirements.

Hybrid Aluminas

Ultimate P 2500

Special polishing alumina with a very tight controlled top cut of <20µm for high end finishing applications.



Alumina with SSA of 4,5 m²/g top cut of 90 µm. Further development of products like P2 and P2 FR for higher cut and similar polishing results.

P 2

Alumina with top cut of 90 µm produced in Germany. The "workhorse" in polishing industry giving high cut and good polish in on go.

A 13 -325

Alumina with top cut of 45 µm / 325 mesh, which can be used on all kinds of surfaces.

P 730

Alumina with top cut of 40 µm and best cost-performance ratio for the finishing of all kinds of surfaces.

P 10 feinst

Alumina with top cut of 20 µm giving nearly scratch free surfaces.