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Alumina is one of the most important abrasive materials for polishing a wide range of surfaces. Almatis polishing aluminas enable the user to effectively achieve high cut and high shine.

Polishing: Cut and Shine

Almatis offers the broadest polishing portfolio in the industry and with this wide selection we offer the most efficient solution for each customer’s specific need.

Tight specifications for surface area, as well as very narrow particle size distributions and well defined top cuts, ensure the consistency of Almatis polishing aluminas.

The degree of calcination, the size of both the agglomerates and the primary crystals, and the particle shape of the alumina directly influence the quality of the finished surface.

With large primary crystals and agglomerates, the cutting effect is greater. Conversely, with smaller primary crystals and agglomerates, the shine of the surface is higher.

At the beginning of the polishing process, the alumina agglomerates break down, giving a defined surface abrasion rate. As the primary crystals are released, a polishing action begins, defining the final surface quality. Polishing Material Matrix

Degree of calcination

Thermal processing determines the primary
crystal size:

• High temperatures lead to very large primary crystals (platy).
• Average temperatures create medium-sized primary particles (hard/medium burned).
• Low temperatures generate small primary particles (soft/very soft burned).

Particle size distribution

The degree of calcination is complemented with the right particle size distribution to fit the needs of the customer.

Surface Area

Almatis controls the overall particle size distribution and defines the top cut with some of the most advanced sizing equipment in the industry



mainly for lapping of silicon wafers


pre-polishing of metals and ceramic media
for vibratory finishing


brake pads and pre-polishing of metals


finishing of all types of materials,
brake pads, automobile polishing


polishing of silver, cleaning of stones

Platy Hard Soft