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Almatis Business System

Almatis strives to meet the needs of our customers better than our competitors. The Almatis Business System (ABS) is one of the resources utilized to bring Operational Excellence to our business. This system of integrated business processes based on lean principles ensures that we operate reliably, consistently and at the lowest cost possible. Every Almatis location, function and work team shares the same values and the philosophy of being committed to continuous improvement. Through ABS we are able to manage the company as a never-ending cycle of learning, change and improvement.

Whenever a customer thinks about Premium Alumina, we want him or her to immediately think of Almatis as the customer-focused premium quality supplier. The powerful combination of our Alumina expertise, our company culture, and our business processes, – in short the Almatis way of working – ensures Almatis is best positioned to grow both with and for our customers.

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